Africa & Middle East

sand dune

Traveling through sand and dust- AFRICA

Traveling through sand and dust- AFRICA   While in West Africa, the most violent and unpredictable phenomena you can come across are the sand storms. Dirt or sand particles are lifted into the air by high winds, letting loose a … read more

Asia and Oceania

Opera House, Sydney

Exploring Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia has struck a chord with me that no other city in the country has. With breathtaking iconic views, plenty of classic Aussie beaches and a vibrant bar scene; this city is well worth a visit and has stolen … read more

The Americas


Guanajuato, Mexico!!

  At the English-speaking Biblioteca Publica in San Miguel de Allende, I registered for two day trips, one to Guanajuato ($70,) and one to see the Monarch butterflies at rest (6 hours roundtrip travel-$110.) Money extremely well spent. If the … read more


capua amphitheatre interior

Santa Maria Capua Vetere, An Amphitheatre for the Playful

A teenage boy must invoke his inner Russell Crowe and yell “Are you not entertained?” from the movie Gladiator when standing in an ancient Roman amphitheater. The ancient city of Capua, recently made famous by the STARZ show “Spartacus” now … read more

General Travel

Choose Hotels and Lodging while Traveling

HOTELS We listed a few tips to get you started on getting the best deals. Happy Travels! When searching for a hotel, double checking multiple sites is recommended for finding the best price. Some sites offer discounts or package deals. … read more


Traveling with pets

TRAVELING WITH PETS is a wonderful experience to share with your friend!!! Your best friend will be content knowing that they are at your side. However, pet travel can be stressful for the animal as well as the owner. You … read more